Audio Recording and Production
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Learn how to be a
Recording Engineer,
Mixing Engineer,
and Audio Producer,
and become a
Master at running
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Audio Recording and Production Certificate
Next Semester begins January 24th
Pay in full by November 1st and save $700
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Sound Healing & Therapy Certificate Program
Next Semester at the Institute begins January 24th
Pay in full by November 1st and save $400
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Audio Recording and Production Certificate Program

Semester begins October 5th

Classes are limited to 25 people, so classes are small enough to address specific questions and concerns of each student. (although classes are normally around 10 people). Classes are broken into much smaller groups for recording sessions. Students are normally on their own lab workstation
. Occasionally in groups of 2.

Course #
Course Descriptions

AT 101
60 Hrs.
Technology of Digital Audio Production
17 classes

This class explores the function and operation of studio equipment with a perspective on how each piece of equipment contributes to a good mix. The basic characteristics of sound are explored first, in order to give you a basis for understanding what each piece of equipment is doing to a sound.
• Signal Routing - Signal flow in various types of consoles (including Computers). How to wire your whole system including patchbay and studio.
• Physics of Sound - Amplitude, Frequency and Time. Harmonic Structure of sound, Volume Measurement and Perception, and Phase Cancellation problems
• Equalization - Types of EQ. Specific techniques for using and understand how to use EQ.
• Effects and Processing - Compressor/Limiters, Noise Gate, Delays, Flanging, Chorus, Phasing, Reverb, and Harmony Processors
• Microphones - Various types and when to use on or the other

The Art of Production part of the class is broken down into 4 Modules:
$450 when taken individually
(3 Labs included)
Module 1 - Pro Tools
Digidesign's Multitrack hard disk recording and editing system.
• Multitrack Recording, Editing, and Mixing
• Arranging music
• Finding the tempo of a song
• Stretching beats and drum loops to fit tempo
• Effects bussing and Auxiliary Sends
• Automation & Mastering
$485 when taken individually
(3 Labs included)

Module 2 - MIDI, Reason, Spectrasonics and Beats
This class covers MIDI recording, editing and mixing in ProTools. Reason is the number one program for creating arrangements and beats. Spectrasonics programs Stylus RMX, Atmosphere, and Trilogy are the top software sound modules for both Mac and PC.
• Sequencing - MIDI Recording/Editing
• Making beats and Arranging music with MIDI
• MIDI Signal Routing
• External and Software Sound Modules
• Quantizing, Transposition
• Synchronization of Reason and Stylus RMX with ProTools
$485 when taken individually
(3 Labs included)

Module 3 - The Art of Producing
• Various types of Producers - Executive, Music, Engineering
• What it takes to be a great Producer
• Organization, Scheduling, Budgeting
• Critiquing a project in Pre-Production
• Inspiring Great Performances
• Critiquing Performances
• Copyrights, Royalties, Record Deals
$485 when taken individually
(3 Labs included)

Module 4 - Advanced Mixing - The Art of Mixing
An overview of common values held for what makes a great mix. In-depth instruction on Mixing Theory using the Virtual Mixer Concept. Dynamics that can be created with each piece of equipment to create different structures of mixes for different styles of music and songs.
• Structures of Mixes using Virtual Mixer™ Concept
• The Mixing Process
• Multi-Level Effects
• All Dynamics that can be created with Vol, Panning, EQ, and Effects
• Automated Mixing
• Mastering and CD Pressing
• Different Values for what makes a “Great Mix.”

AT 101L
90 Hrs.


Audio Recording and Production Labs
15 labs (6 hours per week for 15 weeks)

Hands-on time Recording and Mixing in order to master the equipment and the recording/mixing processes.
• Multitrack Mixing
• Live Recording Sessions

39 Hrs.

Music Theory for Recording Engineers and Producers
13 classes (3 hours one day per week over 13 weeks)

Music Theory from a Producer's perspective. Develop more respect from serious musicians. Important for being able to read a band's music, follow along, and communicate better with musicians. Also critical for coming up with beats and arrangements when creating music in Sequencers and Digital Audio Workstations.
• Staffs, Clefs, Time Signatures, Note recognition
• Intervals, Chord Structures and Harmonies
• Key Signatures and Scales
• Texture and Density
• Song Forms

Voice and Piano Lessons for Producers
As an Engineer or Producer it is important to be able to sing an idea to the band. It is also critical to be able to play an idea, and work out parts on a keyboard. Having these skills gives you a critical edge as a Producer, and again, more respect.


198 Hrs

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