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During the course students will learn a comprehensive skill set that covers all aspects of ding. They will spend the first 7.5 weeks receiving a thorough introduction to ding. We will cover such topics as the history and future of ding as we know it, modern equipment usages and techniques and understanding your dj environments. This will be coupled with basic mixing and dj techniques, a foundation for the second half of the class. The second 7.5 weeks will cover advanced mixing techniques and applications. Including such topics as using key in your dj sets, layering multiple sound sources and performing with musicians. At the same time students will receive an in depth look at turntablism, its applications and techniques. The turntablism course will be completed with a look at the business of ding and preparing the students to take these skills into the real world.

Day Classes
Classes are 4 days per week to be scheduled.
Classes are normally 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM.
Labs are normally 10 AM - 4 PM.

Night Classes
Classes are 4 nights per week to be scheduled.
Classes are normally 6:30 - 10 PM.
Labs are normally 6 PM to midnight.

Classes are limited to 25 people, so classes are small enough to address specific questions and concerns of each student. (although classes are normally around 10 people). Classes are broken into groups of 2 for labs.

Course #
Course Descriptions

45 Hrs.

Introduction to DJ'ing
Students will begin by looking at the history of ding, where it has been and were it is going. The students will be prepared for a future in ding through a comprehensive look at different equipment applications and how to effectively use them. The class will cover sound system set up and maintenance, dj gear problem solving and setup. Students will also learn how to understand the environments they could work in, including acoustics and principles of sound.

45 Hrs.


Basic DJ Mixing
Students will begin to explore the worlds of beat matching and song blending, basic tempo matching and level matching techniques will be taught. Basic mixing will focus on full frequency mixing and insuring that students have a solid foundation of techniques on which to build.

45 Hrs.


Advanced Mixing and DJ Techniques
We will continue to explore different mixing principles with a more detailed look at more advanced techniques including utilizing the eq, dynamic mixing, mixing in key, and many others. Alternative dj opportunities and techniques will also be explored, such as radio, commercial, band accompaniment and event djing.

45 Hrs.
Turntablism and the Business of DJ'ing
Turntablism will cover a broad range of techniques and styles developed by hip hop pioneers over the past 2 decades. Some of the topics the students will learn are scratching, beat juggling, band accompany and group performance. Basic and advanced scratches will be broken down and taught by world class turntablists. These newly trained dj’s will now explore the business of djing, and learn how to make a fun and challenging hobby become a great money making opportunity.

90 Hrs.

Digital Audio Production Labs
Hands-on time mixing and computer work with Lab Facilitator supervision.
• Hands-on production using dj techniques


270 Hrs

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