Be a Guinea Pig Band


Globe Institute needs bands and/or groups to record for our Student Sessions. There is no charge and you will receive a DVD of the raw tracks (ProTools session data with WAV files). Sessions are directed by a professional engineer with state-of-the-art equipment so you will likely get a great quality recording (based on time constraints). The sessions are normally 6 hours long. The class then mixes it the following week in groups of 2 (so you might end up with multiple mixes if you like).

We normally try and get the basic tracks done really well. Often we run short of time on getting overdubs done perfectly. In this case you are welcome to book studio time with a professional engineer at reduced rates. Most bands do two or three songs per session since it takes awhile to mic the drums and get a good sound. However, some bands choose to do one song really well. It's up to you. Groups that play everything live with few overdubs (like jazz) often can get 5-10 songs done.

After the recording session students are booked in groups of two to mix the song in 3 hour slots. Since students are sometimes at the beginning of the learning curve, you might not get the mix you are looking for. Again, you can book time with a staff engineer to get it mixed professionally. For bands the following criteria must be adhered to:

  • A full band with instruments is required - especially with real drums that will be miked.
  • The drummer needs to arrive first and on time. (Rest of the band must be on time also).


  • All your tracks should be on separate tracks (not just a stereo mix of your beat)
  • You must have your drum beats worked out before hand. We don't want to spend the session programming drum beats.
  • All tracks will be dumped into ProTools for recording.
  • Bring the manuals for your equipment.
  • Must have multiple parts worked out to record.
  • As with bands, you may not get the mix you want. You can book time at a reduced rate.

Rules and Regulations for both Bands and Groups

  • Patience is a must - the students are learning.
  • Need to let us leave the recording on our hardrives at the school until the students have mixed it in their labs (usually 3 to 4 weeks).
  • No Food allowed in the studio - we have an eating area and kitchen upstairs.
  • No alcohol or drugs of any kind.
  • Once you book a date, YOU CANNOT CANCEL (unless somebody dies!). It is extremely difficult to find another band on short notice. DO NOT CONFIRM DATES IF YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN ABSOLUTE CONFIRMATION WITH EACH AND EVERY BAND MEMBER.

You can also arrange for your own mixing, mastering, and/or additional recording sessions with one of our staff engineers for $35/hr ($20 discount).

Please contact us at: info(at)GlobeRecording(dot)com